Modernity and Modernism Analysis

The essay "Modernity and Modernism Analysis" investigates modernity and modernism. Modernism refers to the way in which human beings seek to implement an aspect of modernity in everything around them. Modernism was discovered after the First World War. At the time, people knew that there was an aspect of modernity in their lives. They had the opportunity to advance what they needed. After the world war, modernism was mainly used to create strategies and weapon aimed at self-protection. The aspect of modernism led to the creation more modernized weapons and developed more complex war strategies. This is a perfect example of modernism. In an argument by Horváth modernism does not limit itself in a specific paradigm that it needs to change. In the 18th and 19th centuries, theorists and philosophers created ideas, projects and theories that tend to explain the existence of particular phenomena and how to advance them. Aesthetic refers to the ability of an object to appreciate art or beauty. Beauty and art can be referred to the aesthetic properties an object. However, aesthetic properties are artificial. They are works that denote art and beauty. In an argument by Greenhalgh art has developed from generation to generation as human beings become more appreciative of nature. The aesthetic properties of creation have developed significantly with the exposure the society to the modern way of doing art. The relationship between art and its aesthetic properties is based on the creativity level.