Module 2 (SLP) Nature of Health Information

Health Informatics System} Affiliation} In health informatics system, input is data or information inputted ina system. The data or the information carries out specific process and produce specific services or products. Financial statement, physical structure, notes from the physicians, patient records, clinical laboratory results technicians, and the equipment are the input needed health informatics system. Throughputs are changes that the system makes to the inputs. The system transforms the input into output. The outputs are in the form of services or products. Output is the results from the systems entire procedure. The system produces the output once the throughputs are processed. Output can be in the form of services, goods that the system gives out (Hayajneh, 2012).
A data warehouse is where the data in the health informatics system is housed. The warehouse is a combination of databases that are used to store information. The warehouse allows an access of the information by many users. The access of the data by many users opens room for advancement on analysis that is based on analysis. The data and information warehouse are stored in qualitative, analog, and quantitative facts. The format or the stored data vary in storeroom such that it stores electronic patient charts to insurance and accounting records (Curry 2000).
The public health information specialists enter data that are used in various applications in the health informatics system. Information specialists are professional specializing in information handling. They enter data and manage the information in the health informatics system.
The integrity of the information stores in the health informatics system is important. To protect health data and information, many medical organizations and hospitals may use verification procedures that are the use of keys, passwords, and other automatic identifiers. These techniques will help to protect the integrity of the patient data (Buckovich 2012).
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