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Applications of this content distribution network are outlined, followed by a list of the benefits that are associated with use of this system, both on a performance perspective and on a business perspective. Every system has some flaws, and in light of this, the limitations of the system are also discussed. Finally, there is a discussion on the reasons for the success of the system, with an emphasis on the steps taken to improve the performance of the system and the business strategies that are employed to attract and maintain clients.
This report aims to analyze the successful implementation of a database system by a major corporation. In this report, focus will be on the Akamai Content Distribution Network. It outlines how the system works, its uses, limitations, costs and profits. Finally, the business approaches used by the corporation responsible for the database system are discussed.
Akamai Technologies is a company located in Massachusetts, United States of America. It provides cloud services such as content delivery, web performance solutions, cloud security services and cloud networking connectivity. The company was founded in 1998 by Dr. Tom Leighton, Daniel Lewin, Jonathan Seelig and Randall Kaplan (, 2015). Some of its clients include Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo! and Bing.
Development of the company was motivated by a need to solve internet congestion problems which were common at the time. Creating a team of researchers, Dr. Leighton and Mr. Lewin managed to develop mathematical algorithms that could perform intelligent routing and replication of content over a large network of distributed servers. The founders obtained an MIT license for certain intellectual property and they started development in 1998. On April 1999, Akamai Technologies started offering commercial services (, 2015). Most of the company’s early employees were students at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).