Motivating Others Part II

MOTIVATING OTHERS PART II MOTIVATING OTHERS PART II Response to Cole Hello Cole, it was a pleasureto hear from you on my new position and I must say that all your recommendations and suggestion, as well as words of advice have been taken in good faith. Based on the recommendations that you made, I have made my own personal resolutions on how I want to start off and I would like to share these with you. Generally I want to undertake a people-centered approach to leading but I do not want this to be a compromise on using the best motivated people at work. To this end, I plan on having a brief career enhancement seminar for all the people I plan on having on my team so that they will be equipped for the task ahead. This is because I have come to learn and appreciate the fact that to get the best out of people, it is important to create the best in these people (Green et al, 2009).
Green, S., Shcrage, M., Walker, C., &amp. Muller, P. (2009). Is the rookie ready? Harvard Business Review, 87(12), 33-40. Retrieved from Walden Library Databases.
Response to Bobrowski
Dear Bobrowski, I must actually state I was not surprised to read such a powerful word of suggestions and recommendation from you because I have always known you to be a good friend. But building on from the suggestions, I have taken a number of decisions on how to start off. As you said, the legacy that my team and I build for ourselves is very important in determining the relationship we are going to have with customers (Colquitt, Lepine &amp. Wesson, 2013). Based on further review of literature also, I have come to realize that any form of competence that is expected from team members can only be available if it is created into them (Green et al, 2009). I therefore plan on undertaking key organizational empowerment programs for my team members. I am very confident that once I do this, the nature and level of motivation that we all want to see in the team members will be established.
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