Motivation in Different Aspects of Life

A school scenario is the best example whereby students will be forced to learn something by their teachers whether they like it or not. Another case scenario can be applied at work. Self employed individuals require no external forces to trigger them to work hard. On the other hand, casual employees must be pushed so that they can work.
ICON product and marketing mix motivation must put emphasis on the fact that both elements must achieve great results. Health and product motivation should be structured to meet the consumer’s attention of various health products. Consumer motivation ensures that the ICON products are identified in the market. This can be aimed through various ideologies like the use of motivational levels and Product advertisement. Marketing mix will be achieved through the product pricing, distribution to the target market and also promotion through product campaigns like penetration scheme where a product is introduced in the market at a very low price.&nbsp.
Health product motivation can have an effect on information owned by the people. A good example is the drug sector where customers prefer more brands than others depending on the package of each drug contents.