Motivation on doing regular exercise



Various studies and researches conducted by different scientists and psychiatrists all converge at one point – to maintain good health physical exercise is necessary. The results of clinical researchers suggest that there is interdependence between health condition and physical training (Penedo, 2005). In 1987 another research demonstrated that, if individuals exercise regularly, they are less susceptible to coronary heart diseases and other sedentary lifestyle related diseases (Powell, Thompson, Caspersen, Kendrick, 1987). Aerobic exercises can be used as one of the many treatment methods for a wide range of medical disorders including cardiovascular diseases, hyperlipidemia, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and diabetes as a finding of the Research conducted by the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences of Duke University Medical Center (Babyak, 2000). Physical activities can also be considered as a preventive treatment to reduce the chance of getting type-2 diabetes. Physical exercises can be used as a potential treatment for a diversity of psychiatric conditions such as depression, according to Gullette, Blumenthal 1996. North, McCullagh, Tran, 1990. Julia Kelly examines occupational stress and reveals that physical exercises have positive influences on prison officers’ psychological state. Physical activities can act as both stress prevention and suppressors to reduce the level of occupational stress, which prison officers may experience (Julia Kiely, 1990).