Movie Analysis I Am Sam

There are various forms of communication through which people can communicate with each other by use of nonverbal communication as well as verbal communication. Apart from that I also learned how somebody’s feelings can be wounded by other people’s actions. For example, I watched as Sam together with his daughter makes use of nonverbal communication all through the film to communicate with one another. In addition to that, I watched how Sam’s lawyer learned to communicate with her son. of course after Sam taught her. Thus Sam’s lawyer realized she just had to take her time and hear what her son had to say.A specific scene in the movie, I am Sam, portrays how characters make use of relationship and nonverbal elements of communication. The 3 main elements of communication in I am Sam. relation dialectics, compromising as well as eye contact. These 3 elements are exhibited throughout the movie. In the movie, I was able to observe scenes in which there are openness and closeness, connection and autonomy as well as predictability and novelty (West Turner, 2010).The first scene that exhibits predictability and novelty is the one where Sam together with his daughter, Lucy, are both communicating at the IHOP restaurant. Thus, this scene portrays predictability and novelty. Sam’s behavior is predictable since he is always ordering just the same thing all throughout. Lucy, on the other hand, exhibits novelty since she has this urge to try out a new restaurant. one where she has never been before. Interpersonal communication usually entails every individual in a given relationship experiencing the somewhat specific set of wants (West Turner, 2010). Lucy, for instance, is aware that Sam’s behavior is predictable and wants to stick to the same habit. however, Lucy, on the other hand, craves novelty.