Multicultural Analysis of Education

In relation to several books entitled Shame of the Nation and Multiplication is for White People, this essay will focus on discussing and analyzing the most recent status of multicultural education in public schools. Prior to the conclusion, the arguments made by the authors with regard to the long-term effects of limited multicultural education and diversity in public education will be considered in details.As part of preparing the students in facing their future responsibility in a diverse work environment, a lot of public schools in the United States have been focused on modifying, incorporating, or integrating multicultural education into their existing educational system (Education Reform, 2013). As such, most of the public schools in America are promoting multiculturalism by integrating the concept of multicultural education in their existing educational content or curriculum, teaching method, and the school policy (Gill, n.d.).For instance, using the different instructional method, it is possible for the public school teachers to teach the students about the importance of learning cultural differences as well as the long-term psychological effects of discrimination and oppression inside the classroom (Hanley, 2012). Instead of teaching the students about their own cultural background, it is possible for the teachers to modify the existing curriculum by incorporating other subcultures in their class discussion (Education Reform, 2013).