Multicultural and Ethical Issues Dealing with the Court Systems

The criminal justice system in America depicts the widespread public sentiment and social trends which have grown to be highly multi-ethnic and multi-cultural in nature. The trend in crime and criminal activities have hence, also taken a multi-cultural turn, pushing the advocates of justice to make and implement laws to address the rapidly changing society. For instance, many developed countries have seen a drastic increase in the immigrant populations from all over the globe, giving rise to a range of controversial issues and circumstances, and crimes related to the same.Multicultural issues within the field of criminal justice systems have recently gained widespread popularity and interest. The knowledge regarding multicultural issues helps in forming robust and effective laws since it affords the lawmakers the ability to view such issues from a broad and global perspective, which is essential and a pre-requisite for the formation of an efficient justice system. An in-depth study of such issues provides a wider perspective and helps the lawmakers to address a wide variety of multi-cultural issues in a better manner (Jowell, 1998).One of the key reasons for the growing multi-cultural population in the United States is the sudden influx of immigrants from across the globe, particularly over the past two decades. This has given rise to a serious need to revive the existing concerns which are specific to multicultural populations such as issues related to discrimination, hate crimes, bias against culturally and ethnically diverse populations, mental and health issues with regard to such population, etc among several others. The changing demographics have compelled the lawmakers to address diverse issues related to the migrant groups, which entail an effective understanding of the issues faced by them and appropriate and timely interventions and strategies (Camarota, 2007).The percentage of both legal and illegal immigrants in the United States has increased drastically over the years.