Multiculturalism the University and Economicbased Solutions

Universities have a long history in the United States, and much of that history is mixed up with the multiculturalism that the United States enjoys and also some of the economic-based problems and solutions that exist there. Since their creation, a few hundred years ago, universities have often had to struggle to make enough money to get by, something that is still basically going on today. Universities also have to make sure they are dealing with students from all parts of life and countries of the world who have moved to the United States. Both of these problems come together when looking at some of the economic-based solutions that universities look for to make sure they are multiculturally sound. There have already been some economic solutions used to attack the problems of a multicultural country like the United States. Magnet schools, for instance, were first made in order to be used "as a tool for reducing racial segregation". But before looking at these solutions in more detail it is important to first look at how the university works from an economic-based point of view.