Multimedia Technology

This has been an endeavour to overcome by real technical trainers causing them low-profit by less training offers.
Examining the virtual technical training for products will equip real technical training an evaluative prospective view for further enhancement and other approach with regards to performing the training. This will aid them cope-up with the technical training business.
It is evident that multimedia has been facilitating different areas of business providing the ease and fast output. This has emerged the Virtual Technical Training for most products. The loss of business for technical trainers has caused business in one side a deficit while companies employing multimedia technologies cut cost in their budget in product marketing, advertising and after-sales support. This commences real technical trainers’ failure of business.
The review will provide technical trainers possible implementation of multimedia technologies in their real technical training. By integrating different multimedia forms while doing the training, participant will not feel bored of the usual training but more interactive instead.
In general, the paper will provide a comprehensive report, which will identify different aspects of training participants of preferring virtual training than the traditional. This will then allow technical training plan a more interactive live technical training.
Design for Collecting Primary Data:
A quantitative and qualitative research by survey will be done to common participant of virtual technical training and companies preferring to provide virtual training.
Design for Processing Primary Data:
With the gathered data, this will help identify factors whether be of quantitative or qualitative aspects to consider in planning an approach to survive in this industry.
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