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Training in personality development is useful. But people with a flair for the job, may not require it at all. "You are the final judge of your own psychological type" according to Isabel Briggs Myers-[website career]. A basic principle is that "humans are complex" [website]. Another principle worth remembering is that the MBTI "does not stereotype people" [website career-planning .com-29-04-09]. These indicate that while training may be useful, it has no universal applicability.

Stature: A lawyer’s profession is one of the best in the world. A lawyer occupies a high position in society. We can see that a large percentage of the world’s celebrities like Prime Ministers, Presidents, Ambassadors, etc. had their start as lawyers.

A degree in law is the qualification for the job. I will acquire it. A lawyer can set up an independent practice or take up a salaried job. The income will be high, running into 5 or 6 digits. Lawyers have plenty of openings in banks, business corporations, industrial units etc as legal officers. Banks, Business Corporations like the Nokia, and Airlines are three specific fields which hire lawyers.

I had a personal interview with a 26-year-old lawyer. He was smart and alert, brimming with confidence and fearlessness. Soon after his joining, he shot up into the limelight by winning a couple of sensational cases. Now he is very popular and people from far away come to engage him. His income is far above his expectations. His very face radiates joy and happiness. I fell for him at first sight. A negative aspect is that after coming into prominence, one may not have time for family and friends.

Conclusion: Thus, it is very clear that the legal profession is not only a high paid one but also a noble one with plenty of opportunities to serve one’s fellowmen.