My Changes for Sound Rise Company

Business leaders are often in positions that require them to take up different mantles to ensure their organizations achieve their targets. This means that as leaders, it is vital for individuals to evolve. Leaders must always be up to date with current trends, which will eventually maintain their organization’s position in the market. Accounting has often been considered a difficult discipline (Gilbertson, Lehman and Gentene 76). However, it has enabled me to grow and develop to ensure that organizations I have worked for/with get their accounting affairs in order. This is highly important, especially when a company requires such files to evaluate their progress, and determine where they wish to be in the future. It was while working at Sound Rise, a construction company, that I realized my accounting skills can be used to provide an organization with a system that would make their work easier, and ensure they gather their files accordingly.
Upon realizing that their file collection system was not entirely effective, I took it upon myself to create a system that would organize contracts depending on their alphabetical order. Projects that were present could now be arranged in categories, and this depended on the duration they would take to complete. This meant arranging them into three categories. short term, mid-term, and long term projects. In these categories, the company’s previous filing system could now be implemented. This would give whoever was looking for files an avenue to easily identify which particular place to look for any specific file. This filing system was met with an exceptional response from members of the organization because little effort and time were used in locating different projects and their historical data.
Looking at what transpired at Sound Rise Company, it is easy to identify some of the strengths needed to ensure tasks and duties are carried out diligently and effectively. As a leader, it is crucial to always come up with ways that reduce the effort used in completing tasks, and at the same time, increase the efficiency used in certain activities. The completion of such tasks makes it possible to ensure that an organization protects the integrity of its operations and projects. As a leader, it is also vital to have various skills, for example. proper communication skills. While in China working as a teaching assistant, meeting different students and acting as an advisor made it possible to hone my skills, and ultimately, ensure student satisfaction.