My Friends Unconditional Service

My Friends’ Unconditional Service No gift is considered a gift unless one has given it freely without reservation or any condition. The gifts offered by God, our family and friends are primarily given in practically unconditional manner, unlike other people around our society. For young people today, friends are considered as one of the strongest influential characters and may have been expected to offer genuine care, love and to some extent, service.
This paper intended to describe the kind of service demonstrated by my good friends. It also relates the essence of their unconditional service to who they considered "friend" as one ingredient of a healthy and happy interpersonal relationship.
Friends are important gifts in a person’s life and frequently they serve many roles like confidant and companion. It is through my friends that I learned how to maintain peace, show honesty and respect the feelings of other people. My friends were able to let me properly reflect and assess the situations before making crucial decisions. They tried so hard to convince me by explaining and citing examples of the various consequences, if and when, I engage to undesirable situations like cutting of classes, take my studies for granted, disrespect my parents, involve in the use of prohibited substances and other sources of dilemma. Friends are usually the first to become aware of our experiences of distress. My friends express sincerity and concern, which in the same manner enabled me to be in service to others as well and how I can be more helpful. Indeed my friends keep me out of trouble and all what they have shared, to me are examples of unconditional service.
Sometimes when we think about friend’s service and generosity, the size of the gifts they give, or favors they shared are the few concrete things that come across our minds. On the contrary, it
is actually the nobility of the cause which they have demonstrated that matters the most. As expressed in the bible, "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also" (Matthew 6:21). Thus, service, is more than a mere obligation for Christians or followers of Christ. It is a rare opportunity to put out of action and treasure considered as something lasting. "It is more blessed to give, than to receive" (Acts 20:35b).
Like no further time in history, friends can demonstrate that service is not always equated with money, rewards or any returned favor. For genuine service is always from the heart, true and unconditional one. Like what God has positioned to His very own people with unparalleled wealth as well as opportunity to glorification. We can all have a lot of acquaintances, however only some people will become our preeminent friends. Friendships similar to this will endure and the intensity of the friendship surely will flow over time.
Finally, in the spirit of service, all people need high-quality solid true friends which we can rely on. Friends who do not only tell us what we want to hear but, who could demonstrate what real loving, faithful and responsible people no matter what life’s alleyways seem to bring. Ecc 4:10 shares, "If you fall down your friend can help. raise you up. Nevertheless pity those who fall yet have no one to help and comfort him up".