My ideal Community Project

A slightly aged community (above 59 years) or too young community (below 15 years) may increase levels of dependency and low productivity of the region. An evenly distributed sex ratio is also ideal so that no sex largely outnumbers the other. A marginal variation is good for an ideal community.Ethnic or race composition, for peaceful co-existence all race and ethnic groupings would be ideal. This eliminates any suspicions for non-cohabitation due to segregation of other groups and having a uniform ethnic grouping. In addition, co-habituating with other people increases the diversity. People learn of other peoples’ ways if they are socially acceptable they too integrate them while assisting in discarding the norms (Center for whole Communities, 2010).Housing units have categorized into three types. permanent, semi-permanent and improvised units. The categorization is based on the type of construction material used for the floor, wall and roof. My ideal community would be one to embrace diverse construction techniques that would embrace. efforts to protect the environment from deforestation, promote sustainable buildings to combat climate changes such as global warming and protect environmental degradation of leaving open pits (quarry), a result of brick excavation. Roofing would be one that incorporates modern technology and techniques of harvesting rain water and solar energy. Glass walls would be encouraged. this would ensure maximum utilization of sun energy thus conserving produced power.Housing units are single houses (stand alone), row or line units and attached houses. The urban face would consist of attached buildings serve as working blocks and residential units. This would serve to maximize accommodation on an otherwise limited space. Single and row units would be constructed on the semi-urban environment for family. Minimum number of rooms is three this would reduce redesign