My role model



And this lady, born as Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu with ethnicity of Albania left her nation, kin and known environment and initiated her mission in India and served the poor, sick, orphans across the globe for more than forty five years. Thesis Statement This essay intends to examine and explore the way by which my life was motivated by the great works of the great lady called Mother Teresa. My Role Model Since my childhood only life of Mother inspired me to a great extent. She had that desperation, courage and strength to stand beside the poor and needy. Her life inspired me and captivated my spirit totally and very soon, I inculcated to stand by the side of the people who are really in need and distress. Once my locality was hit by a storm and after the calamity was over, by instinct, I felt to stand by the people who were the victims of the catastrophic calamity. While working for the people in distress, I recalled Mother again and again and it provided me immense mental and physical strength to work like monster along with the disaster management cell of my area. We all are privileged with the love and care of our parents. We are blessed with a family that stays by our side through our thick and thin. But Mother took the pain to metamorphose herself into a universal Mother. She had love for all the children of the world. She loved us, like the son of God loved the mankind. This profound love for the children who are angles of heaven as Mother has seen them helped her to establish homes for the destitute. I was moved by the hardships and struggle Mother Teresa had to undergo to establish her homes in the city of Kolkata of India. I still do not have that much courage to stand beside the orphans in a way Mother stood and dedicated her life towards them. But the clarion call from inside helped me to sponsor a child for her education in one such homes. Whenever I meet her and spend some time with the child, I feel so blessed and happy from inside. This feeling cannot be made parallel with any other material pursuit in the world. Mother had immense potential. She worked for the sick across the globe. Not only she went for relief at the outbreak of any epidemic but laid the foundation and homes for the people who are suffering from acute congenital disease like tuberculosis and leprosy. She had immense network that launched awareness for HIV Aids, Tuberculosis and Leprosy. Her Leprosy mission is outstanding and she worked and contributed a lot to eradicate and aware people against HIV and Leprosy in the south-east Asia in particular. Her mission for the eradication of these diseases had spread across the globe very fast as well. While in my high school days when a community programme was launched for spreading the awareness against the HIV positive infection, I took active part in it. Under that programme, I got the opportunity to spread the awareness into the red light area of the city and meet the people, especially the women and children of those areas who live in darkness and get lost in that dark abbey of life easily. Along with awareness, these people need the light of education and care, love and empathy. The course of my life changed to a great extent after visiting this section of the society and in future I look forward to work for these underprivileged at a greater scale and on a more serious note. Conclusion Blessed Teresa of Kolkata is an entity which