My spring break

Immediately after finishing my mathematics exam, I packed my books and other learning materials and rushed for my Friday prayers. I hurriedly changed my clothes and went to Melbourne Florida to visit my uncle. I was accompanied with my cousins who were also eager to go to Melbourne for their first time. My uncle is a very hospitable and likable man who would create time for young people and visiting him was a great opportunity for me to socialize with a wise man who has time for young people. I had not seen my uncle for the last 7 years and I was not sure how much he had changed in terms of physique and age because I understand that old people age very fast.I really love swimming and cycling. They are actually my favorite sports and hobby. However, listening to smooth songs especially RnB as well as some cultural music relaxes my mind. Every evening after studies and hard work, music usually soothes me and provides me with the perfect peace of mind. Moreover, I really like travelling because it makes me learn more in terms of cultures, technological improvements, and geographical features. I was therefore looking forward to enjoying myself to the fullest at my uncle’s place. He also loved music, riding and swimming during his free time. No wonder he looked younger than his age and stayed youthful. In Melbourne, we enjoyed staying with my uncle’s welcoming family and interacted a lot concerning world politics, Europe soccer and other wonderful things that made our stay enjoyable. We played games with my uncle’s children who later took us around the beautiful Melbourne region for the three days we spent in there after having a great time in their garden.My first day at uncle’s place in Melbourne, we went gardening with him after retiring from job. He told me gardening is one of the things he loves doing because of his passion towards