My whole family is crazy

It is almost impossible to think of another similar family who is as crazy as mine.Not that I would like to barter it with any other family.Being part of the family has made me crazy genetically and psychologically and I would have mentally gone overboard if placed in any other normal, nice family.Both nature and nurture has provided enough ammunition to me to last a life time and that means, absolutely no regretsMy family would be horrified if told that they should be treated or altered in any way. They believe in the saying that ‘every one of us is born different’ and my uncle wants to know where the difference is and at what stage does it vanish to leave the prototype. This being a difficult question to answer, other than with the lame story that one should abide by the rule of society, only to be countered by his ‘WHY’ I cannot help remembering Wordsworth who meant something similar while saying ‘Child is the father of man’. He meant that an untutored mind is more individualistic, happy, and creative and from society’s point of view, crazy.Uniqueness, acute individuality and creative originality could be causes to rejoice and also reasons of despair, depending on parents, teachers and society. My mother, who would not take any nonsense from anybody, impossibly (could be bizarre at times!) creative is suffering from memory distrust syndrome and is unaware of it. Distrusts her own memory and relies on external, non-self sources and could never be an authentic witness in a Court of Law with her overwhelming propensity to accept information from external sources.

"As source amnesia prohibits recollection of the context-specific information surrounding facts in experienced events, there is also the inclusive case of confusion concerning the content or context of events, a highly attributable factor to confabulation in brain disease. Such confusion has been loosely termed memory distrust syndrome by Gudjonsson and MacKeith in 1982"

My aunt is suffering from false memory and has a habit of half-hearing things and make up the rest and argues that those events really happened. As memory is a complicated process, her emotions, implied belief of others and the reconstruction of such an event could be confusing and versions could contradict one another. To some extent, she is like a patient of amnesia, who has recovered memories in a jumbled way.

"A false memory is a memory which is a distortion of an actual experience, or a confabulation of an imagined one. Many false memories involve confusing or mixing fragments of memory events, some of which may have happened at different times but which are remembered as occurring together"
Smoking cessation is bothering my father and it has changed him from a person of uncontrollable mirth, into a complaining, unpleasant moron and we prefer the earlier smoking happy person to this stranger. He has done it with a certain amount of coaching, but no motivational interviewing or cognitive behavioral therapy. We feel that he needs Nicotine replacement Therapy before he undergoes major depression. but try to suggest that to him!

"NRT or bupropion should normally only be prescribed when the person has made a commitment to stop smoking on or before a certain date (the ‘target stop date’). Healthcare professionals should offer advice and encouragement to help the smoker quit"

My sister is suffering from Affective spectrum related to psychiatric bipolar disorder or manic depression and experiences mania and hypomania with clinical depression with normal and euthymic mood swings. She is neither suicidal nor paranoid and is a delight to live with when she is going through sunny spells. She does not have hypo manic highs or dismal lows of beyond-return kind. She is highly creative and terribly sensitive.

"Different from the normal ups and downs that everyone goes through, the symptoms