Elements of Music #1 Handout 1. Rhythm  the flow of music in terms of time 2. Beat  the pulse that recurs regularly in music 3. Meter  the regular pattern of stressed and unstressed beats 4. Tempo  the speed of the beats in a piece of music 5. Polyrhythm  two or more rhythm patterns occurring simultaneously 6. Pitch  the perceived highness or lowness of a musical sound 7. Melody  a series of consecutive pitches that form a cohesive musical entity 8. Counterpoint  two or more independent lines with melodic character occurring at the same time 9. Harmony  the simultaneous sounds of several pitches, usually in accompanying a melody 10. Dynamics  the amount of loudness in music 11. Timbre  tone quality or tone color in music 12. Form  the pattern or plan of a musical work