Mystic River

As the paer highlights the story goes into maximum overdrive when Jimmy kills his childhood friend Dave. The story ends with on a sad note when Jimmy realizes that two other persons killed Katie. The movie brings a sad lesson to the movie because Jimmy committed avoidable murder (Geiger, 2000). Environment. The environment of the film is urban community, houses lined side by side along each block. The community is full of trees. The location includes a river. The environment of Katie’s death is secluded place. The movie awakens the different movie viewers’ own ideas of an urban community. The movie viewers can relate their own urban experiences with their own diverse urbanite society. The move reminds the movie viewers of their own cities’ busy paths. The city has edges, breaks between two urban community buildings. The movie also illustrates the importance of landmarks that separate one urban community from another. This paper outlines that culture Urban density and pedestrian development types. The movie also shows that friction often crops up between urban density culture and the pedestrian culture, in terms of urban development. The film shows the familiar culture-based scene when some unruly pedestrians commit crimes against cars passing along the road. Brendan’s brother and John O’Shea play a frank on Katie, who is driving a car. The two connive to unintentional shoot Katie. To prevent Katie from reporting the shooting, the two pedestrian friends decided to kill and dump Katie. Importance of both communication and social contact.The movie shows the importance of the urban culture where social contact and personal communication. The two pedestrian killers were not trained to improve their social contact problem. The two pedestrians should be trained to respect the law and avoid killing Katie or playing harmful franks on innocent civilians. The two pedestrians should have approached Katie and asked for forgiveness, instead of killing Katie. Likewise, the move vividly shows miscommunication cropped up between Dave and his wife. Sean Penn won the best actor award for this movie. Tim Robbins won best supporting actor for the same move. The movie also won best picture award. The scenes include Dave’s wife not accepting Dave’s explanation that he fought some muggers. Instead, Dave’s wife informs Jimmy that Dave arrived home with blood on his hands. Both Dave’s wife and Jimmy suspect Dave is the culprit in Katie’s murder. The movie climax surprisingly shows that both were proven wrong. Society. The film depicts one version of how the average urban society’s culture-based moves. The movie scenes gravitate around the murder of Katie. The dramatic movies easily stir the movie audiences to be happy, sad, angry, confused, or even vengeful. Consequently, the director, Clint Eastwood, created a realistic film about life. Life entails both happy moments and sad moments. The movie scene where Dave and Jimmy are conversing on a porch precipitated to Sean Penn’s winning the Best Actor award and Tim Robbins winning the Best Supporting Actor role. The movie also won the Best Picture award in Boston. Likewise, Clint Eastwood won the Best Director award.