Nakheel Communication Strategy

Nakheel has so far undertaken its entire developmental works in Dubai only. After having consolidating its position in the real estate sector, the company has established Nakheel Hotels &amp. Resorts, a new hotel and resort investment company since February 2006. With the kind of professionalism that Nakheel has displayed in the real estate business, it is sure to percolate down to this new venture as well.
‘Communication’ as such is defined as an art of developing an understanding between people, communities, societies, civilizations etc. Communication therefore forms a crucial part of managerial activities. Marketing communication in turn helps a company in building a brand, creating brand loyalties, increase in sales, cutting costs, etc. Dubai, a very attractive destination for anyone around the world, has been shaped by the beautiful developmental projects that Nakheel built on the reclaimed lands. Dubai market is a very diverse market in general which caters to customers/ consumers from different walks of life, different cultures, ethnic groups and age groups. There are very high profile customers that have expressed faith in the abilities of Nakheel. Having a satisfied customer base, in general, helps in spreading good words about the company. This forms part of the communication strategy of any organisation. In today’s market driven economy concept, the art of communication to existing consumers as well as prospective consumers takes a great deal out of the managerial brain storming sessions. Some of the projects of Nakheel, like The Palm and The World have attracted people from different countries with varying degrees of interest. Buyers on The Palm Jumeirah include many high personalities like David Beckham, Michael Owen, and Shah Rukh Khan. These people, in a way become brand ambassadors for the company, which pays rich dividends in the long run.
Now a days Corporations are supposed to remain in continuous touch with their customers, suppliers, bankers, government and the general public. This requires appropriate communication techniques with different groups or segments. Some of the communication happens to be casual, some is made to be informative while some other is designed to be persuasive (Kotler, 1974). If a company can master the art of communication, it can very well take on its competitors. Some of the videos that the company has put up on its website appear to be shot at interesting angles and are very appealing and attractive for anybody desirous of having a look at the company. Though it requires a good amount of money to produce such videos, which are rich in content and quality, but once produced, these types of corporate communication strategies prove to be worth the efforts. In order to remain in touch with its internal and external partners, Nakheel has developed a BrandHub, an easy-to-use project communication tool.
In order to leverage the economies of scale and operations, the company has strategic tie-ups with companies like The Trump Organization, IFA Hotels &amp. Resorts, Kerzner International, Island Global Yachting, Greg Norman Golf Course Design, Taj Luxury Hotels, The Fairmont, Mvenpick, Kempinski, Jumeirah Hotel Operators etc. This way the company can forge a mutually beneficial