Narrative essay

NARRATIVE ESSAY– INSTRUCTIONS1. Choose one of the following topics for your Narrative Essay.2. Then decide on the Method you will use to relate your narrative.3. Be sure to use flashbacks and flash-forwards carefully.4. Use transition words/ phrases between body paragraphs.5. Use dialogue where appropriate and to break up the narration.6. Fill out your Planning form before starting your draft.TOPICS:■ Your first job interview■ Moving into your first apartment■ The event or series of events that led to you take some action, such as quitting a job, ending a relationship, or joining an organization■ A sporting event you played in or observed, perhaps limiting the narrative to a single play■ A first date, using dialogue as much as possible to set the tone and advance the narrative■ An event that placed you in danger■ An experience that led you to change your opinion about a friend or coworker■ The events of the best or worst day you experienced in a job■ An accident or medical emergency, focusing on creating a clear, minute-by- minute chronology■ A telephone call that changed your lifeYou may also use a topic of your choice17/05/202030english