National Service Framework

What measures can be taken to prevent this and in such cases how the patients should be treated. The goal of National Service Frameworks to deal with older adults in stroke pathway. The aim of this to report is to identify the health policy on care delivery from practical life. To ensure that the public and the professionals understand the cause of stroke, the symptoms of a stroke and what measures should be taken if someone gets an attack. The discussion of the report will follow the description on stroke and related issues, how efficiently NSF works towards its perspective to take care of the patient and their family. The main objective is to get the clear idea of the role of nurse, post stroke nursing care along with the inter-professional team. Apart from this other various health promotion to raise awareness also would be the part of the discussion. 2. Introduction to National Service Frameworks 2.1. What is a National Service Framework (NSF)? National service frameworks (NSFs) and strategies provides efficient quality requirements for care. These strategies are based on the available facts on which treatments and services can be effective for the patients. These strategies have various strengths that include building relationships with health professionals, patients, carers, health service managers, voluntary agencies and other experts. The historical perspective of NSF is to make a better world for the older people. England is said to be known as an aging society. Since the early 1930s the number of aged people was over 65 years. According to a recent survey, it has been found that every fifth population of England is over 60 and which will increase to 80 between 1995 and 2025. Thus the concept of NSF to build a better world for older people raised and they form this unit to take both social care and health care services. The National Service Framework is pioneer to ensure fair, high quality, integrated health and social care services for older people. This is a long term planning program which NSF ensures. It frames 10 year program of action raising awareness to promote good health, to support independence, special acre and services for any conditions and cultural change so that all older people and their carers so that they get respect and can live with dignity and equality. We need National Service Frameworks because it will give us support from every perspective to deal future condition of old age. It will help to create awareness for good health and making people conscious about stroke and hazards. The experts and hard work of NFS had led the way in developing the standards. The Goals and Purpose of NSF To improve standards of care To help older people to stay healthy Better long term funding Extending access to services The NFS will shape its services depending on individual patients, their families and their carers. [Standard 2] The NSF will support and value its staff. The NSF focuses on conditions like stroke, fall and mental health problems of older people. They have made 10 year framework to deal with arthritis, respiratory diseases in older people. To respect every individual Promoting healthy and active life 2.2. Introduction to National Service Framework for Older Adults- Stroke National Service Frameworks (NSFs) were established to improve various services by setting up national standards to check quality and care services. The main aim of this specific NSF Respecting the individual is