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Kevin International Drug TradeThe international drug trade is a global societal issue that impacts every country. As such, researching the way it operates is extraordinarily relevant, especially as it relates to finding ways to stop it. Along these lines, one should not see the international drug trade as monolithic in nature. Different drugs are produced, distributed, and sold by various stakeholders and in different ways. The solution to efficaciously mitigating the international drug trade will depend on recognition of this fact and targeting the production, distribution, and sale of each drug rather than taking the same approach to all drugs. The international drug trade has expanded in nature. In fact, “from the mid 1970s through the early 2000s, a few large-scale and hierarchically organized cartels dominated the market. Since 2006, dozens of smaller and more-specialized units have emerged” (Golz & D’Amico, 2018, p. 28). In this vein, the international drug trade has become a highly “competitive illicit market” (Golz & D’Amico, 2018, p. 28). As such, various stakeholders all over the world are competing to produce and sale different types of drugs. A recent study found that drugs are being produced and sold in very specific ways. It looked at available information from the Tor web browser, which is commonly used as part of the so-called dark web, and “employed geovisualization and exploratory spatial data analysis to examine drug distributions of heroin, cocaine, new psychoactive substances” (Dolliver, Ericson, & Love, 2018, p. 45). Perhaps surprisingly, the study found that “globally, heroin and cocaine markets were found to be almost exclusively retail based, while new psychoactive substances and prescription drugs were sold from countries with established pharmaceutical and chemical industries” (Dolliver et al., 2018, p. 45).Clearly, stopping the international drug trade depends on the acknowledgment of these types of differences. When one considers a specific population, such as cocaine users, it becomes evident that helping this population requires addressing the cocaine trade as different from that of psychoactive substances, for example. Gathering information about the specific of how each drug is produced and sold represents the best means to stop the various, different components of a robust international drug trade. ReferencesDolliver, D. S., Ericson, S. P., & Love, K. L. (2018). A geographic analysis of drug trafficking patterns on the tor network. Geographical Review, 108(1), 45-68.Golz, M., & D’Amico, D. J. (2018). Market concentration in the international drug trade. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 150, 28-42. Chris Identify the global societal issue you have chosen to research for your Final Argumentative Essay and explain why further research on this topic is important. The issue I picked for my argumentative essay is the topic of Women’s rights. I decided to choose this topic because I have a huge respect for women, as a man raise and molded by women its apparent that although society says we are all human and equal I can see that women are not equal at all. Not only are women not equal but it is accepted as ok. Women have been fighting for equal rights forever and still not enough has been done. Provide a clear and concise thesis statement that includes a solution to the global societal issue Women should be treated as equals because gender does not determine the intelligence, strength, or abilities of an individual, many woman have changed the world for the better with inventions, studies, and overall greatness, and women are moving into jobs that have generally been occupied by men, and succeeding. Explain how this global societal issue impacts a specific population. This global societal issue impacts everyone in society and women directly. Considering the fact that everyone has a mother sister aunt etc. everyone is indirectly affected by this social issue. As a child I was raised by a single woman who often worked two and three jobs just to make ends meet. For that I spent much of my time without my mom. I also noticed how she was treated unequal to men, and this can cause both young men and women believe that this is true. It can cause young females to believe at a young age they are inadequate, and young men can grow up thinking that also having a negative long-term effect on society, which is where we are at now. Locate a peer-reviewed scholarly source and provide statistical data that you found surprising on the topic. One of the best articles I found on this subject mentioned “NOW’s official priorities are: pressing for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that will guarantee equal rights for women, championing abortion rights, reproductive freedom and other women’s health issues.” (WIN News, 1998) The reason I found this surprising is that the article was written in 1998 and to this day the same organization is fighting the same battle. Its shocking to me that although several strides have been made since we are still fighting for equality for women in America in 2020. Reports from around the world: United states. (1998, Summer). WIN News, 24, 59-65. Retrieved from