Networking Explained

Token Ring describes a Local Area Network (LAN) technology in which stations are organized in a ring topology. In Token Ring, data transmission occurs sequentially from a ring station to the next. initialization of a ring is achieved through circulating a token. When using Token Ring, a station has to capture the token in order to gain the right to transmit data onto the ring. Initial Token Ring products operated at 4 Mbps. However, the 802.5 standard has advanced and supports the operation of 16 Mbps (Carlo, 1998).
The Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) refers to a 100 Mbps technology, which uses the LAN network and is usually linked through a fiber optic cable. This technology is used in situations where networks require a high-speed bandwidth and require covering vast distances compared to those covered by the copper wires. There are two networks under this category. fiber optic wire-based and copper distributed data interface (Gallo &amp. Hancock, 2002).
The information I have learned is useful in the future since I can teach others, who do not have this knowledge. I struggled with trying to understand the differences between the networks architectures presented in this assignment. I discovered that a person can use network bridge devices in extending Ethernet networks. What I can share with fellow students is that diagrams help to understand networking concepts in a superior manner.