New Concepts of Logistics

New Concepts of Logistics A paragraph (minimum) describing new conceptthat I have learned from this weeks reading In this week’s readings I have learned the 10 supply chain traits that serve as standards against which any organization in any business can gauge itself, determine the current gaps in performance and develop a strategy for gaining parity. I learned that, by reaching excellence across the traits a firm will improve its business performance and position in the market place. These traits include sound strategy supported by strong leadership, intense focus on financial metrics, committed to innovation and process improvement , close collaboration with selected partners, superior strategic sourcing, excellence in logistics execution, proficiency in planning and responsiveness, high customer integration and satisfaction, ability to anticipate and manage risk and global optimization. I learned that, effective adoption of these traits can assure leadership status in any business because they effectively pave a pathway to future success.
Poirier, Charles C., Quinn, Francis, Swink, Morgan. (2009). Diagnosing Greatness: Ten Traits of the
Best Supply Chains. NY: J. Ross Publishing Inc.