Mobile Application ProposalWeek 2 Assignment Lets Go Mobile AppAfter reading and reviewing chapter one name “Possibilities.” The mobile application I have in mind is called” Let’s go” Let’s go will be a great app. The design, write, test and develop will all be done in a way that the app will be compatible with all derives. It is a communication app that will allow people to communicate with their friends. Also, the app will allow people to meet up with each other and make plans. I will have The Fastap Keypad The plans will be share with everyone in group. Once everyone agrees with the time, place and events on the app. You will hit the Let’s go icon. That will activate the let’s go group and allow everyone to share their locations and travel time together. If anyone have a change request. It will be sent out to all the people for updates. My Target Audience is for everyone. The way we will stand out is being creative.  Including everyone. All ages. The Target is everyone. Let’s go will group different people together no matter what age, race or background. The goal of the Let’s Go mobile App is to better communication with your friends / coworkers or etc. My goal/ purpose of my App is to make a profit to better myself and at the same time I want to maximize the communication to the best that we can. The goal is to have a cross platform app. Therefor everyone one can still communicate either if they have a different phone