Noteworthy Principles Prior to Initiating Child Discipline

It is found that there is a high probability of a child to smoke when he or she is raised in a family with either one or both parents would smoke (Feldman, 2003). It is also most likely for a child to become obsessed with alcohol when his mother, father or both parents are more than just occasional drinkers (Feldman, 2003). Even the first word of a child is substantially influenced by the environment. It is found that a child is highly sensitive to what he hears from his immediate environment, which leads to the point when some might assume that the kind of words he utters would reflect what kind of environment he is being raised in (Feldman, 2003). This only illustrates the fact that the environment is very important in influencing someone’s behavior. It is hard to teach a child not to smoke if the parents who would tell him/her not to do this could not even let the day end without lighting a cigarette. To facilitate learning, especially in ensuring discipline, what the child potentially sees should consistently reflect on how adults and their supervision constantly meet the requirements of doing what is considered good. In doing this, there is a great chance that whatever is preached and put into practice at home should be observed on the child’s actual behavior. It is, in fact, a common observation that a child who does not have the right discipline would potentially show the kind of training or practice that he or she receives at home.