Nursing Quantitative

An affiliation with a uniform colour and style creates a preference that correlates with the uniform having an extreme score grounded on the features of the nurse’s image. The issue is significant and relevant to nursing because professionalism amongst nurses is determined by the level of education and workplace etiquette. The image features of nurses are applicable at their place of work because an image is apparent by pediatric patients, grown patients, and mature guests (Albert, Wocial, Meyer, Na and Trochelman, 2008, p. 180). The problem is also very applicable to nursing because uniform fondness is consistent with the features of the nurse’s image.
In terms of financing, the study was possible because the research was sponsored by the Cleveland Clinic. The clinic aimed at offering training and professional support to nurses working within their domain through this research. The subjects used in the study were also fully dedicated to the objective and mission of the study. The specialists used in the study were completely focused and committed to the cause of the study. The subjects and facility provision was at of the highest quality (Albert, Wocial, Meyer, Na and Trochelman, 2008, p. 180). The subjects were adults well aware of the techniques and protocols used in the study. The equipment used in the study was most efficient for providing quality findings for the research and the layout of the variables. All applied ethical considerations completely were completely feasible since the subjects were exposed to all perceptions of the possible outcomes.
Applicable studies that were carried out in the past have not been solely referenced in the study. This is because the experiment was the first of its kind. The preview journal involved is not entirely recognized by all medical sub-disciplines of nursing. Nevertheless, the study was identified for its similarity to a nursing project initiated by Mangum in 1997.&nbsp.