Nursing Shortages

Some other studies have also shown that if patient: nurse ration is more then there is a poor performance of the staff as well due to a number of factors including work load the most important one. If one staff is attending more than one patient then along with more work which is going to be obviously more exhausting for the staff that will lead to decline in the quality performance it also adds to the spread of infection. Hospital is full of contagious organism and the nursing staff mainly is the vector for the transfer of them so, if one staff is attending three patients at a time the staff will be mixing the formal flora and even pathogenic flora lying with one patient with the other one which will be leading to hospital acquired infection that are more resistant to be treated and most of the times lead to fatal results so, this way patients will have a long hospital stay with increased morbidity and a high number of patients will die.
I would be working on the project to find out scientifically if patient nurse ratio really has an impact And if it is then in which setting This issues is very important because nursing staff is the primary heal care professional this is in touch with the patient most of the time so if work is carried out at this area it will be very easy to be adjusted and the outcome will be very rewarding.
In order to carry this research study out we can take patients hospital stay, in patient and out patient mortality in the first month after getting discharged, patient’s satisfaction will be constant variable and we will be seeing the impact of nurse: patient ration on them while nurse: patient ration is going to be kept constant. We need a number of observations like there has to be standardization of a few parameters in order to avoid different types of biases like the experience and qualifying degree of this nursing staff should be the same. The study should be carried out at one health care center at a time the patient population should be exactly or almost nearly the same age, with same co-morbid status, and same ethnic or social group ideally so in short basically patient’s and nurse’ factors should be normalized. Hospitals should ideally be tertiary care with some part of the study at intensive care unit as well so that the impact of this ratio can also be studied depending on the seriousness of the primary illness. We need all these observations because health care system is very intricate and these entire factors influence each other directly or indirectly through different ways.
This study needs to be a cohort study ideally though it is going to be a long time consuming stuffy but the results will be more promising. Data needs to be both on in-patient and out patient basis mainly on telephone or at consulting clinics on there follow up visits. As an in patient records will be the souse of our data and as an out patient the patents their self or the next kin will be the source of data for us. There should be a written record system that