Obamas Support for Gay Marriage

This news story assigned responsibility by underlining that Obama’s views on same-sex marriage evolved and became more open because of his interactions with same-sex couples. Obama said: “When I think about those soldiers or airmen or Marines or sailors … [and other gay couples, I decided to change my views on gay marriage]” (Gast, 2012, par.38). His statement shows that because of his interactions with gay couples, he realized that they can be as dedicated to marriage and families as heterosexuals. Obama took responsibility for supporting gay marriage that is central to the gay community.
The causes of the problem are the risks of supporting a controversial position during the campaign period and the duty of reducing prejudice against gay people in general through supporting their marriages. Tony Perkins thought that the president “…handed to Mitt Romney the one missing piece in his campaign” (Gast, 2012, par.19). Indeed, Obama is campaigning for a second term, and this opinion can risk him the support of conservative voters. Nevertheless, Obama is prepared to take the risk if it means taking the responsibility of reducing prejudice against gay people in general through supporting their marriages. He said: “…for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married” (Gast, 2012, par.38). His opinion underscores that gay couples are equal to heterosexual couples, so they should have the same legal marriage rights.
With the context of the election, Obama’s support for gay marriage cuts both ways. On the one hand, he gains the votes of the LGTB community. On the other hand, he might lose the votes of conservative voters. Still, the article shows that he is a rare president who has made an affirmative belief on gay marriage, fully knowing the risks it may do to his campaign.