Odwalla Company Management

By 1993, Odwalla went public and offered to sell 1 million shares of common stock at an initial price of $6,375/share. The revenue was used to build a production facility in Dinuba. The Odwalla Company is based on Half Moon Bay, California
By the fall of 1996 Odwalla’s sales hit $59 million, an increase of 40% from the previous fiscal year. A half-gallon jug was bought by a customer for five dollars with the company’s commitment of producing only fresh juice which was not pasteurized, with this the company was growing with an annual sales approaching $90 million. Soon they were providing stores with their own refrigerators with their brand stamped on them. Odwalla also wanted to make sure the company’s growth would not interfere with their vision, so the company initiated a three-day training session called, Living Vision Conference, for employees to talk about applying the vision to everyday operations. Not only was Odwalla supplying fresh juice to the public, but they also provided social and environmental awareness to the community. They used community service to help aid farm families, scholarships to study nutrition, and cash or juice gifts to local community organizations. They provided recycling programs for their plastic bottles, and attempted to divert organic waste from landfills by selling their pulp to livestock feed and citrus peel for use in teas and condiments, they also used out of code juice for biofuel. They also participated in energy conservation awareness practices. The employees at the Odwalla Juice facility used a cost-effective way to significantly reduce energy consumption. Employees are encouraged to turn off or shut down idle processing equipment, lights, fans, air compressors, and other types of energy-consuming components that are not being used. In short, they were environmentally and socially conscious as well.