On a Daily Activity



College is not an easy matter, and great devotion is necessary in order to succeed. As I went out the door I saw the sun burning brightly, maybe to brightly. I never had a love for hot weather, and I probably never will. Close to the fence I saw my grandmother and she was talking to a person who I didn’t know. She gave me one of her usually look, with her piercing brown eyes and sinister smile. "Going to school" she said. "Yes I am". "You have an exam session right now, correct" "Yes I do well" "I hope you don’t mess up". "I hope so too". She always said that. Always. And I hated every single word of it. No matter how well I did, there was always the possibility that I might mess up. But, I would be wrong if I said that her words where without meaning. It was an exam session, and the exams were quite hard. I do have more faith in myself, than in my grandmother words, so I believed that I would prevail. As I was walking towards the train station, I thought about a very interesting dream I had last night. It was a wonderful dream, or rather a memory. I was lying on a beach near a lake and my girlfriend was lying next to me, her slender body so close to me that made breathing a Herculaneum task. She raised her head and smiled at me, her smile beautiful as ever. "Don’t you think we should go home" she said "Just for a little while. I’m not in a hurry to get back home." "I hope you’re not. I would be very offended". And then she widened her smile- a smile so enchanting. it will make even the strongest man a mere weakling. I don’t get to see my girlfriend very much. We are both on college and they both have different responsibilities. I wish I could spend more time with her, but I guess you can get always what you want. I arrived at the train station and at first sight there wasn’t anyone that I knew. I was entertaining myself with my MP3 player, as I am used to traveling and being alone, not including the presence of my close friends and girlfriend. Suddenly I heard a familiar voice. It was Christine, a girl I went to high school with, and I should say she was quite attractive that day. With her slender body, lovely smile and eyes that can seduce a god, she could have any man she wants. But I wasn’t interested in her, nor I believe she was interested in me. "Hey, how are you doing I haven’t seen you in a while. You look great!" "Thanks Christine. You look great as well, as always. Look, is the train going to be late The train during this time is usually late." "No I don’t think so. They said that it was going to be on time. So are you going alone" "Yes I am a. What about you" "I met up with some of our old friends from high school and I am going with them. You can join us, of course." "Thanks. I will just a second." I went and I bought a newspaper. As usual there was nothing interesting to see. It was just your usual falling economy and various wars that exist in the world. The train came on time, just as Christine said. As usual, the train was crowded and there was nowhere to sit. We had to stand all the way to our final destination. As usual I indulged myself in my newspaper and the music coming out from my MP3 player. I was never a conversationalist and I didn’t join the conversations that my former schoolmates were having. Caught and confined into a very small space, I waited for our hour-long journey to end.&nbsp.&nbsp.