On Native Soil Documentary Narrated by Hilary Swank and Kevin Costner

On Native Soil "Video Write Up" On Native, soil is a documentary movie narrated by Hilary Swank and Kevin Costner. Linda Ellman directed it in 2006. The documentary is about the event of the September 11, 2001 following the bombing of the twin towers in the US. The survivors of the attack as well as their families have been agonizing on what transpired in terms of the security loop holes that occurred and finally allowed the attack to come to a reality. The families have been seeking from the government a report on the occurrence of the event and the possibility of holding some of the people to account on what happened. The documentary also depicts that none of the personnel involved in ensuring safety of the people has owned up to give a vivid explanation of what security loophole that existed or even apologize for the systemic failure to curb the incidence.
However, after the incidence, the US government has continuously beefed security system in efforts to keep at bay any incidence of the kind. In the quest of the survivors and their families, they have requested for a transparent performance of the task force given the mandate to report the untold stories of the attack. The performance management though has been faced with several obstacles that have delayed the release of a concrete report regarding the attack and pessimism is taking precedence that the information will never come out. The documentary also depicts the ineffectiveness of the commission in giving concrete report of the event.
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