Online Buying Behavior

For them buying online is a great option. Before we move on to the actual context we should know what is buying online
One would ask ‘why people switch to buying online rather than visiting stores and feeling the actual experience. Online Shopping is shopping you do online. There are sites that let you buy directly from manufacturers, online versions of regular retail stores, auctions, specialty sites, comparison sites, group buying sites and so on. Some sell items, others give advice and still others search the Internet to find you the best deal. Looking at this one may wonder how easy it gets to buy online, you simple have to just type in a word or words that best describe what you’re looking for. Use product name, manufacturer or type. After you enter your search words, you’ll get a list of items matching your description. Simply click on any link for get more specifics. Many women would go for this option as it feels so reliable and less risky indeed.
The problem is how to identify the dos and don’ts of online buying. Women are very conscious decision makers when it comes to supporting family causes. They have a general tendency of being more careful about things after entering parenthood. Choice is something that has troubled a woman for long time. Dissonance is the factor which women try to avoid the most. For that reason this is a great case to handle.
For the proposed research I would like to identify a few things that would help in identifying why there is a need for online buying. Below is the criteria and findings of what I think is suitable to demonstrate the use of online buying and its importance. The general idea is about visiting certain stores and reviewing what window shoppers or market folk say and the other approach present here is the actual citing of E-commerce sites present on the web their one can also find pretty helpful information about what is priority if considering shopping physically or digitally Some one may have the same opinion as given below regarding features of online shopping.
Features of online buying
1. You can do it 24hours/7 days. You can shop whenever you want.
2. Comfort is the priority. If it is hot outside, you don’t have to go out in the heat. If you don’t feel like getting dressed, if there is a foot of snow on the roads and you can’t get out, you can still shop. Also, if you don’t feel well, this is definitely the way to shop.
3. Discount coupons are readily available online. For example, if you are planning to buy a book at a BM bookstore, you are unlikely to find a coupon to reduce the cost of the book. However, many online bookstores offer discount coupons. However, there are many other sites that list these types of