Only Daughter By Sandra Cisneros

Only Daughter By Sandra Cisneros Only Daughter is a short story about Sandra Cisneros, the only daughter in afamily of six brothers. Her being the only girl among boys certainly made her feel lonely and bored at times. Her writings were mainly because of her father and the community at large in trying to portray the cultural practices, which dominated her community. At the beginning, her father looked enthusiastic of his child’s education. Due to cultural practices, he loses satisfaction because he sees Cisnero is not married. According to him, girl education without a husband is meaningless. Her father had the belief that going to school was one way of getting a husband. However, after completing her education, she wins his father’s respect as one of her works is published. It is at this point that he begins to regard Cisneros as being financially successful writer.
Whom in your life do you consider to be successful and why?
A successful person in my life is someone who has made a recognizable achievement in life or has gained international recognition, Nelson Mandela for example. The success can also be measured in terms of wealth one has. The reason being, for one to be successful he or she must be able to commit to a situation and do extraordinary things that other fellows may not do, and admits mistakes once they arise without coercion. The success must also be recognizable by someone else (Bowdon 92). In the essay One Daughter, Cisneros is considered successful because of the various achievements she made in the society. She becomes the only female writer at that time besides being a poet and a teacher. This earns her money, which later makes her father recognize her as a financially successful woman since her father has never dreamt of her daughter gaining such a status.
Where do your ideas of success come from?
My ideas of success come from different people or experience that I go through in life. This includes parental teachings, friends, the media, and school. The parent contributes greatly to the success of a person. this is because the parent is able to teach one the virtues in life and what to do or to avoid for one to succeed. Cisneros for example became successful because she obeyed her parents teachings, going to school and acquiring the educational knowledge, which later made her become a successful woman in the society both financially and through the various contributions she made in changing people’s lives as a teacher and as a professional writer. Her success was also because of inspiration from her mother Elvira who liked reading.
My ideas of success are also acquired through schooling, as this is what is considered as the key to success in the society today. A well-educated person is likely to become successful as he or she will become enlightened on the ways by which one can become successful in the society. The education knowledge acquired once put into practice leads to success of a person as is seen in the case with Cisneros who became a successful teacher, writer, and poet because of education she acquired at school.
Some of my success ideas have also come from the social media and friends. By social media, I am able to share Success ideas with my friend, and read others in newspapers and watch on television. The media is therefore one of the best way of getting success ideas since several information on success can be accessed via the internet, television and print media. The case of being Cisneros’s success was obtainable from Internet.
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