Operational excellence

Discussion 1Change is inevitable. Everything is constantly in a move to something new. Any organization can not remain the same if they want to exceed. But change is not always accepted by people with open arms. There is always resistance from employees working in an organization in response to change. There is not just verbal resistance, but along with this, there is also cognitive, behavioral, and emotional reactions to change. There is a four-step reaction model that explains how the employee handles change in an organization. This model is known as the SARA model.The SARA model consists of Shock as the first reaction when an employee thinks of change. It is a surprise to everyone when change is announced. The next expected reaction is always the most prominent one, which is anger, and after that, it is resistance. The change may not always meet with Acceptance from the start. There is always some resistance and anger involved. The last step is Acceptance. There may come a time when the staff of that organization will accept the change and adjust there’re work-life according to the change.There are a few steps that the management can take in order to maintain a smooth transition to a change. The basic step is to ensure people that change will not happen all of a sudden. The new plan will take effect with some time passing. This will help people adjust their working style. Set some realistic time limitations which will help people understand the change (Duncan, 2018). Another great solution is to inform your employees of everything about the change that will occur. Do not hide information from your staff members. Hiding information may lead to employees doubting you. The trust that should be formed between employers and his workers will be broken. So, it is very essential to be open and in front about everything that is going to happen.Discussion post no:2Change is ConstantChange is absolutely constant and is absolutely necessary for things to move forward and become better than they were. And change has always faced resistance because change brings with itself a certain amount of insecurity. In organizational management as well, any sort of change has to face a lot of resistance because of a certain amount of uncertainty. There is the uncertainty of how the changes would work out for the company and hence for the employees. The employees start to feel worried about their positions in the company and if that would be stable even after the changes are applied (Amjad & Rehman, 2018).Problems of ChangesThere are several problems that can rise up due to any sort of changes that are implemented in a company. It is not only the employees who would face the problem, but the company as a whole would also suffer too. Projects started before the changes made would be delayed due to making them suitable according to the decided changes. Initially, when there are changes, a company always faces a minimum amount of loss of revenue, which happens due to the customers being cautious about the changes being made. There are also problems regarding implementing the changes which at times make it impossible for the changes to completely take place and they are discarded altogether. Employees can be very cautious and have a lot of doubts about the plan of the changes to be implemented resulting in the management to fear resistance dropping the idea of making any changes in their business (Akingbola, Rogers & Baluch, 2019)Overcoming the ProblemsEven though there are several problems that arise from implementing changes in a business, there are ways that an organization can handle the resistance that comes their way due to changes being implemented. The very first thing that management needs to understand and keep in their minds is that resistance is very natural when there is change thus it should be expected beforehand. One way to negate the negativity that can come from the resistance is to make the decisions of the changes transparent in the management. This would help the employees to understand everything clearly and make them feel they belonged in the process. This would thus decrease their insecurity. Communication is always the key and effective way of making people understand the ways how the changes would work. The cause of the resistance must be identified and the management should work upon clearing that with efficiency.11/05/20208informationsystems