Operational management in Hospitality and Tourism industry

The payment rates to the rooms are depended to the views as the deluxe city view rooms cost AUS$650, Bridge view rooms at AUS$750, and in accordance to technology, the E-Bundle package costs $750. The hotel further provides business clientele with Retail Therapy-city view at a cost of $810 as it comprises of a two-car parking lot and proximity to enjoyable shopping excursions in the city. The hotel’s management adapts to criterion review process and establishes that all the programs are up to the desired performances (Bushel, 2001). However, the management fails to express precise charges on its services thus. they fail to achieve trust from the clients as well, for example, charging $45 for car parks instead of the delineated $35 (Marriott, 2013). Executive summary In relevance to the issue of tourism and service delivery, hotels have continuously diversified investments by inclusion of extra services rather than diversification of investments. Since the services offered vary accordingly from provision of meals to accommodation, and other forms of hospitality, the management may consequently fail to acknowledge the importance of some of the services while trying to acknowledge those of others (Ingram amp. Roberts, 2000). The study established Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel as a five star with the most appropriate location and proximity to the Pacific Ocean. A review conducted upon the critical areas of interests and that would affect its credibility and value to the tourism approaches upon their comparison to the competitors (Bergin-Seers amp. Jago, 2007). Eventually, the study shall implicate on the challenges facing the hotel’s management as a result of failure in delivering of the desired services (Ingram amp. Roberts, 2000). Specifically, the tourists and other business clients boarding the hotel decry on the poor program presentation. In addition, they disguise parking prices as unethical and contrary to the desired value (Bushel, 2001). An evaluation to the values derived by visitors to the hotel record the lowest margin, which is an indication to the financial disguise of the available services and the exact charges realized after visiting the hotel (Ingram amp. Roberts, 2000). Description of the Sydney Marriott Harbour This five star hotel is a subsidiary of the Marriott International Inc. of the U.S.A. The Sydney Marriott Harbour conforms to the other Marriott hotels as it competitively boasts over its five star facilities, which enable it cope with the prevailing competition in the Australian hotelier industry with a major target to the tourist clientele group (Wilson, Harris, and Jennie, 2008). Despite the expressed competencies, the hotel ranks fourth in provision of quality services to the clientele community. The present competitors who mainly pose a threat to the hotel are the Hilton Sydney Hotel, Sir Stamford at Circular Quay, Quay West Suites Sydney, and the Intercontinental Sydney Hotel among others (Patiar, 2008). The hotels assume the most appropriate location as Marriott Hotel, but differ in the provision of charges. The hotel relies on the local tourists who are the main clients, while the competitors focus on the