Organization of Business and Management Relationship

Emphasis must also be placed on exchanging and sharing ideas on ‘good’ practice in specific cultures, as well as establishing expectations of self and others and the role power plays in shaping these. The approach taken to explore concepts of the course has been to place emphasis on the continuous group work which proved to be the most efficient way of learning and gaining knowledge. Group exercises, discussions and academic reading have all been used as methods in order to develop a greater understanding of business and management as a whole. The predominant areas to be analyzed are Group Dynamics, Decision Making, Management by Results and Implementation/Project Management, theoretical and practical aspects of which are presented in the assignment. The process by which people interact and behave in a group environment is called group dynamics. Group dynamics involves the influence of personality, power, and behavior on the group process, as well as several other elements that have to be aligned in order to generate a desirable outcome. The issues concerning group dynamics are various and often complex involving internal, external and personal factors. The theory in this field is contradictory, and therefore generalizing is impossible. One correct answer for all situations will never be found. With the latter in mind, we will introduce the theory our group believes is relevant for our situation, assessed with relation to our group’s experiencesfrom the Sonique Sound System case. Elements of diversity, communication, expectations, leadership, norms, roles, and cohesiveness are all important when group dynamics are to be analyzed.