Organization of Choice in IceCool Company

In order to achieve its objectives, every organization must adopt an appropriate organizational structure that clearly defines the duties of all the employees. Based on the need to streamline communication as well as an effective allocation of tasks in its operations, IceCool will emulate bureaucratic structure in its management policies (Robbins and Judge 35). Being noted for allowing standardization in an organization, the bureaucratic structure allows complex organizations to effectively deal with the major challenges that they face in the international market. The section below indicates the organizational structure and the duties of the management team.

IceCool strives to provide a quality product that meets the needs of its customers. We are focused on making our customers have a great product that is equal to the value of their money. One of the major aspects that make us competitive is providing a unique product that can be consumed by all customers regardless of their ages. In this regard, our mission statement is IceCool water makes us equal is not comparable. Employee welfare is also vital to us. This is based on the fact despite our unique product. we require them in distribution and enhancing customer awareness thus increasing the company sales. By targeting young clients especially during sporting activities, we are focused on expanding our customer base thus putting our customers at bay.

One of the major aspects that play a vital role in the&nbsp.success of a company is the influence of the founders. Through the adoption of sustainable management policies, founders are key stakeholders who determine the future and the profitable of any company. A significant aspect that was established by the company founders is effective communication.&nbsp.Based on the wide range of operations that IceCool is undertaking, effective communication cannot be overlooked.&nbsp.