Organizational Analysis of WalMart

The organization of Wal-Mart always desires to offer the best quality of products to its customers in order to amplify its reliability and uniqueness in the market among many other rival players. This is done, in order to save the revenue of its target customers that may amplify its brand image and reputation. Moreover, by offering the products at a competitive price, the organization of Wal-Mart desires to enhance their lifestyle and living standard to a significant extent. By doing so, the level of dependency and switchover costs of the customers might get reduced thereby amplifying their profitability and productivity of the organization of Wal-Mart among others.
However, in order to become the leader in the segment of retailing, the organization of Wal-Mart needs to offer the best products at an effective price. Only then, it might become successful in amplifying its dominance and position in the market among others. But in order to fulfill the mission statement of the organization in an effective way, the human resource management offers significant concentration over certain areas such as planning, staffing, human resource development, compensation, employee relations, safety, security and risk management. This means, in order to offer best products, the organization tries to satisfy all the needs and demands of its employees effectively such as presenting proper working condition, proper compensation, maintaining proper employee relationship, enhancing the knowledge through training, implementation of advanced machines, etc. So that the level of satisfaction and motivation of the employees gets enhanced that may amplify their level of devotion and commitment towards work. Only then, the organization of Wal-Mart might become successful in offering highly advanced as well as the best quality of products to its customers at a quite lowest price in order to amplify the standard of living.