1 Provide a general introduction and overview of the materials/methods The article used a systematic review of existing literature about learning theories for and instructional practices in incorporated STEM was conducted. The materials of the systematic method were completed using two online databases: ERIC and Web of Science. Restate the purpose of the work The work aims at addressing the absence of consensus about how coordinated STEM learning and education ought to be done. Give the source of materials/equipment used The databases were browsed by utilizing four distinct combinations of search terms: “Incorporated STEM + secondary education,” “Interdisciplinary STEM + secondary education,” “Multidisciplinary STEM + secondary education,” and “STEM combination + secondary education.” Supply essential background information The lack of graduates in STEM has led to various endeavors to increase students’ interest in STEM. Along these lines, a promising methodology in such manner is the utilization of an incorporated STEM educational program, which gives chances to ‘progressively applicable, not so much divided, but rather more animating encounters for students 2 Provide specific and precise details about materials and methods (i.e. quantities, temperatures, duration, sequence, conditions, locations, sizes) Firstly, every chosen article must be peer-reviewed articles or book sections written in English, bringing about the exclusion of, for instance, conference dissertations and papers. Also, the articles needed to concentrate on the combination of in any event three of the STEM disciplines. Thirdly, the articles needed to give a clear description of teaching practices for coordinated STEM. At long last, all articles needed to describe instructional practices for incorporated STEM in secondary education. Justify choices made The reliability of this article is strengthened by the fact it is a peer-reviewed journal. The strength I found in this article was the multidimensional methodology. The work talks about something beyond the educational aspect of this kind of education. It goes further to talk about sociological/ cultural, psychological, and environmental factors of the educational settings. Indicate that appropriate care was taken In light of the analysis of both “regular” schools and STEM schools I believe the appropriate care taken in this article is that it was unbiased. 3 Relate materials/methods to other studies The online database materials/methods used in this article can be identified with academic databases that contain peer-reviewed sources, published meta-analysis, and systematic reviews. One thing to note here is that knowing where to look and how to look can make the process less tedious and generate academic material. 4 Indicate where problems occurred The lack of consensus about how integrated STEM learning and teaching should be done.