Outsourcing Human Resources for Borouge

Outsourcing is a strategy employed in many organizations by the HR department, with the aim of minimizing the cost. Outsourcing practice is an activity performed effectively by relocating some work to the external suppliers instead of doing the work inside the organization. Its effectiveness depends on the use and can be more advantageous if used appropriately. In the Borouge organization, the strategy can be employed by the HR department in order to increase the production of the company. This strategy was used by the HR managers in order to meet various objectives of the research that could eventually benefit the organization. The highlighted objectives of the research that led to the research include. examining the advantages for outsourcing human resource as compared to increasing the number of employees in the company, to determine some outsourcing models for worldwide competitive organizations as well as the local competitive organizations, obtain systems that use the models of outsourcing in determining the objectives as well as the aims of the business
Other objectives are to examine the use of the models in both global and local competitive organizations and recommend the best and suitable strategies that the human resource need to employ in the organization to reduce the cost and increase the production and the profits of the business. In the report, the advantages and the benefits of the strategy to the organization are expected to be more than the disadvantages. Clearly, the research to obtain numerous objectives related to outsourcing human resource.
This strategy has both benefits and shortcomings. Although the strategy has disadvantages, the benefits are more than the advantages. Comparing the method to other options such as hiring more employees, the outsourcing model appears to be more beneficial to the organization. Therefore, it is advisable that the human resource department use and adopt the models of outsourcing strategies in the businesses. The human resource department has various functions in the company.&nbsp.&nbsp.