Paintings of Theodore Manet and Miller

The essay "Paintings of Theodore, Manet and Miller" analyzes modern art paintings of Theodore, Manet and Miller. In the Theodore’s picture, several people can be seen raising their hands meaning they either needed some kind of help or were just trying to send some communication signals to a given place. It is actually very difficult to understand the situation in the picture as some are raising their hands while others lie on the ground desperately. The picture was not also painted using bright color technique. The raft of Medusa tend to bring into display how people especially those in France, were subjected to a miserable life due to some political issues or instability. Apart from that, it also shows or brings into display the social lives of the people and the kind of challenges they faced due political unfairness. There are other activities that a state or country may get involved in and later impacts its people negatively. This was actually, what the picture was meant to show. Very many countries value art because it has nowadays provided or created room for expression. Some things cannot be faced directly due to the consequences involved and proper means of facing them must be looked into very carefully. The pictures or drawings that are in the picture “raft of Medusa” represented the people of France and the challenges that they faced due to political instability or war. The people raising their hands in the picture are those who are fed up with some of the rules or the country’s political system.