Paper on your career or dream

Dream Career We all want to do different things in life. At times, we change our careers depending on prevailing conditions as we grow up and undergo different experiences. Hence, only a few people will maintain the career path they chose while they were young and in elementary school. In this case, I saw and heard my friends indicate that they would want to become teachers once they grew up which were careers that we admired when we were young, and the teachers were our friends and guided us through life’s simplest moments. Hence, out career choices were not based on thoughtful consideration but were guided by emotions. In a similar way, I thought that the best career path I should follow was that of a nurse. Reading interesting stories about the way nurses saved lives made me want to become a nurse in my life.
As I progressed through school, I realized that nurses only provided care to patients with doctors playing the most important role in saving lives. However, becoming a medical doctor did not attract me as the appropriate career choice. After joining college to undertake a marketing course, I still have not discovered my career choice although I have engaged in modeling with the view of traveling around the world next year. Nonetheless, travelling around the world will open my viewpoint about various perspectives that will make me identify the choice of career path that I will follow although I think the business world appears more appealing and the best choice for anyone traveling across the world. Consequently, my marketing course will help me market the future business that I will engage in with my traveling exploits creating contacts that will become crucial once I started practicing business.