question #1. Competency: to lead and manage in public governance. (CEO)You are the Chief Executive Officer of a California County (you select which one). You are aware of the critical need to manage water resources in the public interest. After briefing your Supervisors, they task you with leading an effort to coordinate a new water management policy for the County.How will you go about this task?Who are the stakeholders and what are their needs?What resources will be needed?How do leadership theories help guide your effort?Note: this is NOT about the content of water policy. It is about planning a process. Intro:  Water is essential and is a human right: On September 25, 2012, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. signed Assembly Bill (AB) 685, making California the first state in the nation to legislatively recognize the human right to water.California has water courts:
Define Policy Process:The Policy process is similar at all levels of government in the United States, but there are differences in issues, in stakeholders and in political and legal dynamics.Convening with experts and stakeholders to solve a problem.1. How will you go about this task? ● 8 fold path (to help develop the process)● Stakeholder Analysis ● Resources (7) B.C.C.M.R.S.T● Leadership – (M.T.T)8 Fold path: D.A.C.S.P.C.N.C Define the problem (Managing the water resources in the public interest) Assemble evidence Construct alternatives Select criteria Project outcomes Confront trade-offs Narrow and decide Communicate and disseminate ** Example of Eightfold Path (Put your own ex)2. Who are the stakeholders and what are their needs? Stakeholders:-When policies are proposed to legislators—interest groups will lobby their positions. -If we have not consulted and worked with all parties, they may block progress in the legislative arena.-In democracy there are many interest groups who are affected differently by public policy.-Public manager/leader- have to navigate different stakeholder groups and be aware of their interests and perspectives. Intergovernmental Relations – Compliance & communication among all levels of govt.- Policies are not just internal & mechanical (like the 8 steps above) THEY ARE POLITiCAL & PERSONAL!- Stakeholders may or may not agree with the policy.- Run the risk of stakeholders not agreeing w policy and in turn vote that elected official out of office.★ For example, currently water in the Compton area that is coming from the Sativa Water District is coming out discolored and residents do not want to use it. Los Angeles County Public Works took over management of the water district stating “as the Interim Administrator, the County will assess the condition of Sativa’s existing water facilities and identify improvements to deliver safe drinking water. Based on this assessment, the County will make critical operational changes and infrastructure improvements working closely with the State to ensure that water quality meets all regulatory standards” (Director Mark Pestrella Los Angeles County Public Works).★ Water bond – ★ Flint Michigan – water crisisVideo — 3. What resources will be needed? (B.C.C.M.R.S.T)1. Budget● Allocation of funds● Funding plan (C.F.O) 2. Communication (internal & external)● Awareness Campaign- Newspaper, flyers, social media, website, town hall meetings● Transparency ● Feedback 3. Consulting Services● Water and environmental experts4. Monitoring and Enforcement● Compliance ● Assessment ● Accountability 5. Research ● Existing policies- water/ Environment ● Laws – Compliance● Successful water policy implementations6. Staff (personnel)● Task force7. Training● Compliance ● Staff development 4. How do leadership theories help guide your effort? Serving the public for the greater good. (M.T.T.) – Moral/Transactional/Transformational★ Moral Management:“Duty Approach”Define: Choosing the moral and most ethical decisions to solve an issue. Emphasis: Ethical compliance with organizational or legal mandates● Laws● Codes● PoliciesConcerns: for organizational and social standardsHow does it help guide your effort?Serving the greater good requires you to be moral and ethical★ Transactional Leadership: Define: Focuses on the transactions between the leaders and its subordinates Emphasis: Improve productivity, clarify tasks, and initiate structureConcerns: Planning and execution How does it help guide your effort?Implementing a new policy requires you to be task-oriented★ Transformational  Leadership:“Adaptive leadership”Define: Leaders who inspire followers to transcend their own self interest and who are capable of having a profound effect on followers. Emphasis– Shared organizational or community vision; organizational or community adaptationConcerns– making wholesome change/ social equityASPA: Strengthen social equityHow does it help guide your effort? Meaningful change requires a shared vision Transformational “Adaptive” Transactional “Task Oriented” Moral “Duty Approach” Define: Leaders who inspire followers to transcend their own self interests & are capable of having a profound impact on followers. Emphasis: Org & Community Vision Concerns: Strengthening social equity. Making wholesome change. Define: Transaction between leader and subordinate. Emphasis: Improve productivity, clarify tasks and initiate structure. Concerns: Planning and execution Define: Choosing the moral and most ethical decision to solve an issue. Emphasis: Ethical compliance with organizational and legal mandates Concerns: Meeting organizational and social standards Characteristics: (I.I.A) ● Inspirational ● Innovative ● Adaptable Characteristics: (D.T.P) ● Directive ● Task Oriented ● Practical Characteristics: (L.E.D) ● Lead by example ● Ethical ● Duty oriented Example: Gandhi Encouraged & created change in their country. Example: Bill Gates Micro Manager Military Example: Sandra Day O’ Conner Being the swing vote, her vote held a lot of power. Despite that she had to abide by the constitution. Scenario: A company needing change from old processes. Scenario: New leaders to a corrupt & under performing organization. A very hands on leader that provides structure to each dept assigned. Scenario: Working at the VA office you are bound by organizational compliance.