Paradoxical Thinking

In this case, scientists are the best examples of people who practice paradox thinking in their daily life. Paradoxical thinking is based on suspicion and the internal feeling that the outcome of a certain thing, idea or experiment will turn out to be exactly as expected. Although the method might be the opposite of the normal or natural way of doing, the outcome should turn out to be the same or better than when the normal procedure is used. Paradoxical thinking is believed to produce extraordinary outcomes. An example of a brilliant demonstration of paradoxical thinking is by a famous scientist known as Faraday back in the 1830s. He discovered that when a current is moving through a wire, it bares the effect of deflection a magnetized needle thus can be applicable to a compass needle. He used this idea to create an electric motor which is currently used in electric transformers.The current world market has a lot of competition. Ideas are being generated every day and the technology keeps on advancing with the change in time. New products appear in the market everyday with manufacturers trying to outdo each other by modernism their products to meet the needs of the consumer. This has called for the alert of every company in order not to be left aside with the emerging trends of technology. Paradoxical thinking plays a key role in ensuring that the goods produced by various companies merge the current technology and are suitable to the consumers. Most companies have maintained their high performances in the world market because of using paradoxical thinking as a tool to outdo their competitors. The concept of this form of thinking is simply to do things the opposite of the intended way. This helps the company be unique and unpredictable.The Coca-Cola Company is one of the companies which have a team of staff who have mastered the art of paradoxical thinking. The