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his own, William Wrigley formed the Wrigley’s Company and began manufacturing chewing gum and so far, since its inception the company has been marketing sugar free chewing gum.
The company currently targets the youthful market segment. The individuals in this market segment are aged between 18 to 34 years (Data Monitor 2009). A second target market for the gum manufacturer is younger children aged between 5 to 12 years (Wrigley, 2014).
With the help of the company’s marketing agency, Energy BBDO, Wrigley’s marketed their brands to the youthful target group by blending in with the pop culture in the U.S (Jargon, 2013). The company used celebrities such as Snoop Dog and popular TV channel MTV in the advertisement campaign of their gums (Mattern 2011). The Wrigley’s 5 chewing gum is packed in an appealing and attractive pack containing twelve sticks of gum. The product branded as 5 evolution introduced sweet-to-sour pear flavor. The gum changes the flavor when it is been chewed.
The sugar free gum that targets kids comes in attracting and kid-friendly packaged designs. The gum is sold in an assortment of banana, strawberry, and original bubble gum flavors. The gum is packed in a 14-piece envelope or a multipack bag with ten, six-piece micro packs that are great for the tiny hands of children.
The youthful market chews gum for a number of reasons. Research noted that the youthful market chewed gum as a culture. Individuals in this market segment associated with the pop culture considered chewing gum as part of the culture. In addition, most of the consumers in this market segment chew gum to keep their breath fresh. Many youthful individuals interviewed by Jargon (2013) agreed that they carried a packet or two of chewing gum when going for dates. Various youthful individuals in dental care also used the product. The seal of acceptance by the American Dental Association influenced the choice of many youths to chew gum. The dental benefits that individuals