Participation Learning Blog and Community Involvement

Similarly, I participated in group work which enhanced the manner in which I relate to people from various backgrounds. At the same time, by actively getting involved in group work we were able to do large volumes of tasks as the adage goes many hands are better than one and more heads are better than one. Usually, the university is a place where people from different backgrounds meet. It is also paramount to note that these individuals have distinct ways of doing things and in order to operate as a team to accomplish tasks, all the members have to function effectively in a course context. In that regard, the group members ought to attend to both the procedure to accomplish their tasks and climate within the group. Vital to a healthy climate and the active process is strong communication skills. Personally, I was relatively not interested in group work at first. I used to prefer working as an individual rather than work in a group setting because I thought working as a group is a waste of time (Sweet Michaelsen,2012). Working alone was comfortable and convenient since I worked according to my schedule as compared to group work where meeting time had to favor all the members. Little did I know that working as a team is the best technique to learn and acquire more skills essential for life.In essence, learning is a continuous process. The more I interacted with my classmates, the more I learned new things. Thus, I came to realize that working as a team can be relatively beneficial. Surprisingly, through the class blogs, I noted that working in a group. you can do less but comprehensive work. This means that one does not have to do multiple tasks at the same time but only a few at a go. Virtually, it gives one the advantage to work carefully and go in detail. In addition, group projects boosted me to develop a host of skills that are increasingly substantial in the professional world as well as in community development.