Pen Profile of the Client

According to the paper, this evacuation lasted months, and it definitely had a psychological impact on Dereck. A man named Alexander who was evacuated at 11 years of age recalls. We were dumped at a roundabout with our labels on. People pulled and tugged at the children they wanted. It was a bit like a cattle market… people just waded in. I went with a lady and her daughter – she was like a second mum . Dereck feels disappointed with numerous aspects of his life. Whenever Dereck is faced with a challenge, he gives up. As a child, Dereck was not performing well in his studies, which is evident from the fact that he failed his 11 plus exams thrice. As an adult, Dereck once owned a pub, holiday flats and a shop. At the moment he doesn’t own any of these properties because he got rid of them. Dereck is intimidated by his younger classmates. When he is faced with a problem, he does not ask questions because he believes that he will hurt his pride. He feels that it is too late for him to change who he is. Dereck is vigilant in pursuing his interests. This is evident from the fact that he likes counselling. Dereck has consistently attended classes and has been pursuing a degree in Psychology for nine months now. While growing up, Dereck realised he was good at sports. He played football at elementary school, where he eventually played for his town, his county and London. After school Dereck proceeded on to become a professional football player for 3 years. Dereck currently plays golf two or three times a week at a golfing society called Elderly Gentlemen’s Golfing Society. Dereck does not think he needs any counselling because he believes he has no problem. He believes that he does not need anybody to help him because he has nothing to complain about. Dereck thinks that he is conceited, proud and confident but all these traits can be attributed to the fact that he is insecure.